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The Corona Solution: Be like a Child, Carefree,Stress free and Happy

This is a post to guide those of you who are concerned about the safety of your near and dear ones. It would also help you take proactive steps, so that you do not panic, worry and become stressed. Fear and stress will create an environment in your body so as to make you a good host for the virus.

For those of you who are hard pressed for time, do devour the nutshell. For those of you who would like to know more, relish the nutty information inside- given just below the nutshell. And yes, do make it a point to read the tips at the end of the post.

In a nutshell

Fear is your greatest threat, the virus is next.

A spiritual master smiled and told his disciple who was sitting with a newspaper in his lap

“News is Nuisance”

This statement is relevant today, since most of the news we get to hear today are created for the sake of getting attention. Unfortunately, it is only fear and negative news that gets our attention and hence the media houses have to continually give us a daily dose of fear and insecurity to be in business. As of today, it is the Corona virus that has got our attention.

Fear and Insecurity trigger certain responses in the body, which leads to release of steroids.

These steroids can turn off your Immune system.

As you can see, the biggest threat to you besides the virus, is a body that has turned off its own defence.

The Solution: Cut down on unnecessary stress. Know the facts about the virus so that you are well informed. Provide the Right environment for your immune system, with herbs, supplements, lifestyle changes and appropriate food.


If you are keen to read more. Here we go.......

A Virus: It is just a piece of code that is lifeless and cannot do anything, till it is brought to life by a machinery that can read it, understand it and implement the instructions given in the code. In reality there is not much difference between a computer Virus, a piece of code that can create havoc in a computer system and a Virus that affects us, which contains genetic codes that can be read by living cells. More on Viruses in another blog, but for now it does suffice to know that a Virus is not exactly a living organism. It is your body that gives it life.

Antivirus: Our immune system plays a role similar to what an antivirus software does on a computer. If your immune system is well tuned, then it would to a great extent protect you from an infection and even in a likelihood of an infection, would be able to heal you by creating antibodies to the virus.

In an event like this, when there is a fear of a disease becoming pandemic, it is of paramount importance that our immune system is well tuned and is given the best possible support.

To support the immune system, we have to ensure that we are not taking too much of Steroids.

Steroids: When used for certain medical conditions, steroids downregulate the Immune response. In modern medicine they are used for treating issues related to conditions caused due to an overactive immune system e.g Rheumatoid arthritis, severe allergies, Autoimmune diseases etc.

“Steroids. Why would I take Steroids?”

Well, even if you aren’t taking steroids for inflammatory or other autoimmune conditions, the very act of reading a scary article in newspaper, seeing frightening scenes on TV or getting to know about other terrible things around can make your adrenal glands secrete steroids like Cortisol. Of the many things that steroids do, switching off the immune response is perhaps the most risky gamble.

Why would steroids switch off the immune system?

Steroid is like a System Administrator: Akin to most computer Antivirus software, the Immune system too needs quite a bit of resources. A few people turn off their antivirus software when they realize that it is slowing down their computer.

Though our body is much more complicated and advanced, when the body perceives stress, it does almost the same thing. It releases the Fight or Flight hormones, the first thing that the hormone tries to do is to free up resources for helping you fight or run. It releases sugar, fires up your pulse, increases BP, increases your breathing rate, numbs your pain response and also turns off the immune system. It does this so that your entire body is focussed on saving itself from an impending threat to life.

Steroids help keep you alive in an emergency when there is a threat to your life:

In the wild this action does make sense. You see a Wolf, your body prepares you by giving you extra strength to run and climb a tree or to take a stick and defend yourself. The wolf loses, you win and the stress response fades away.

In our real life, there are no wolves and tigers. We imagine them from the news we hear, articles we read and videos we see. We start to worry and as we do that the hormones are released and our running journey starts. It is just that we are running in the head, and not in real life.

Now what happens to all that Sugar that was released? What happens to the continuous increase in pulse and BP, What happens due to the rapid breathing or due to an immune system turned off? As you can see, we become victims of diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Allergic responses and Autoimmune conditions.

Misuse of Steroids can cause Diseases:

When we replay fear over and over again and have done it for a good 20-30 years, we have become good at high sugar ( Diabetes) High BP ( Hypertension), Poor Immune response ( Susceptible to diseases and Infections) and that is why we are now excellent targets for disease causing organisms.


Be like a Child, carefree, Stress Free and Happy.

1. Do not entertain Fear. Instead take action to protect yourself by being Proactive.

Today we are offered Stress For Free. What is necessary is that you stay away from stress and not subscribe to the Free Stress that is being offered in plenty.

2. Help the body relax. To do so, ensure that you give your body sufficient rest. Sleep early and ensure that you are well rested

3. Take foods that are rich in antioxidants. Drink fresh juices and do not eat very heavy meals. Most importantly ensure that you do not indulge in heavy late night dinners

4. Avoid eating heavily processed and packaged foods. Why? Well to get started, you can read more about Excitotoxins and the research conducted by Dr Russell Blaylock.

5. Use herbs such as Turmeric, Holy Basil, Indian Liquorice, Ashwagandha, Amrutballi ( Tinospora cordifolia), Lemon grass, Ginger, Mint, Cinnamon etc to make nourishing antiviral herbal teas.

6. If you are not turned off by the pungency of Garlic, Leeks and Onions, use them too in your daily diet. Use them for making soups and curries. In an uncooked form, they would extend a more powerful protective effect.

7. Do remember that most of the Coronaviruses have been passed on from Animals to humans. To that end, try to actively avoid eating meat. I don't intend to scare you by suggesting that the meat would be contaminated, but I would like you to know that as we harvest more and more animals for culinary delight, it could also backfire by creating new diseases some of which could even turn out to be much more threatening than the Coronavirus that is doing the rounds today.

8. Probiotics would also help give the much needed boost to your immunity. When you take Probiotics, you are providing your body with a massive labour force that would help support the body.

9. And last but not the least , personal hygiene is something you have to take good care of.

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Coming Soon:

1. Antiviral Herbs

2. Home made remedies for Viral infection

3. Supplements to boost the Immune system

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