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Dill Seeds Herbal Tea Powder

The scientific name of Dill is Anethum graveolens. It is of culinary as well as medicinal value. Medicinally Dill has been used for Colic in children, addressing flatulence, stimulating digestion, improving appetite, as a liver tonic, for Cough, Colds, Fever, Cramps, inflammation, Urinary tract infections, sleep disorders, menstrual pain, piles and hemorrhoids, infections… the list goes on and on. It would suffice to say that Dill is an excellent herbal remedy for addressing all sorts of inflammatory issues within the body.

Here we will be using Dill seeds for making a herbal tea powder that can be used by Adults, children and Infants alike.


  1. 250 grams Dill Seeds

  2. 50 grams Fennel Seeds

  3. 5 grams Indian Liquorice powder ( Also called as Yashtimadhu / Atimadhuram / Jyestamadh)


Dry roast Dill Seeds on a very low flame till they start to give off a mild aroma. Roast Fennel seeds in a similar manner.

Mix Roasted Dill Seeds and Fennel seeds along with Indian Liquorice, and grind all the three till you have a semi coarse powder.

Store the powder in an airtight glass jar

Dill Seed Herbal Tea Preparation

½ tsp of Dill Seed Herbal tea powder

300 ml of water

Honey or Palm Sugar to taste

Keep water for boiling. Add ½ tsp of Dill Seed powder and lower the flame as soon as the water starts to boil. Let it simmer for 2-3 minutes on a low flame.

Filter the decoction, add sugar or honey to taste

Note: This herbal tea can also be used as ‘ Gripe Water’ for infants. While using for infants, add non bleached sugar instead of honey. Adjust the amount of Dill seed powder so that it is not too strong for the baby.

Please Note: Most of the remedies that I have shared with you have been tried out by members of the Prehealing Community. Prehealing community members not only rely on remedies listed on this site, but also follow a lifestyle that is healing centric.

Not being a Prehealing community member should not stop you from using these remedies, but you should be aware that a good lifestyle and a happy body would help make these remedies more efficacious.


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