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Hibiscus Tea


We will be using Red Hibiscus flowers. The flowers can be either Fresh or dried. In India these flowers are used for daily worship and the red variety is used for Ganesha. If you are using these flowers for deity worship, it is best that you don’t discard the flowers the next day. Use the old flowers, the ones offered to the deity for the herbal tea.

  1. 4-5 Red Hibiscus flowers

  2. 1.5 Cups water

  3. ½ to 1 lemon

  4. 1/4th tsp of ginger juice

  5. Honey to taste


Makes one glass ( 200ml ) of Herbal Tea.

Step 1: Making the Hibiscus Decoction

Keep water for boiling. In the meantime, separate the petals and discard the rest. When the water starts to boil add the petals. Stir for 10 secs and then turn off the flame. Once the petals loose their color and become yellowish, take them out ( Else the water will become slimy). Filter the decoction if required

Step 2: Adding Lemon juice , Ginger juice and Honey just before consuming the tea

You can either consume it immediately after it is made as a pipping hot drink after adding Ginger, lemon and honey ( only if you prefer it sweetened), else you can take it after it has cooled down.

Additional uses of Hibiscus Extract

( The pure extract made in Step 1)

  1. For Cough and Cold. Add one tablespoon each of fresh pureed Aloe vera gel and Tulsi juice. Then add lemon and Ginger juice to taste. Use Honey as a sweetener if required. Dosage: 2-3 cups per day

  2. The decoction is also an excellent hair tonic ( Both internally and when used as a hair wash).

  3. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory drink. If taken daily it helps relieve pain and discomfort from arthritic and rheumatic afflictions.

Please Note: Most of the remedies that I have shared with you have been tried out by members of the Prehealing Community. Prehealing community members not only rely on remedies listed on this site, but also follow a lifestyle that is healing centric.

Not being a Prehealing community member should not stop you from using these remedies, but you should be aware that a good lifestyle and a happy body would help make these remedies more efficacious.

It is also recommended that you follow the remedies on this site, under the supervision and guidance of your doctor or an Ayurvedic / Holistic practitioner.

Avoid taking Hibiscus tea during the first trimester as it might stimulate uterine contractions.


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