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Kanji: A Probiotic Drink

Kanji is a nourishing bio-fermented drink that is rich in Probiotics. It helps balance the gut microflora, improve digestion, reduce reflux and acidity and has a host of other benefits . It is recommended to take this drink especially during winters


5-6 Nos Carrots

1 Beet Root

2-3 Vertically slit Green Chillies ( Adjust according to your preference )

2 Litres of Water

2 tsp of Mustard coarsely powdered

1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of Turmeric powder

2-3 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt or ( As per your preference).

Glass Jar or an Earthen Pot for Fermentation


Since this is a fermented drink you will need either an earthen pot, Ceramic pot or a Glass Jar. Ensure that you have rinsed the pot with clean water.

1. To this Pot add 2 litres of water.

2. Add Chopped carrots and Beet Root: Chopped into medium sized slices ( Resembling French Fries).

3. Grind mustard to a coarse consistency, Add Turmeric. Add about a 2-3 tsp of Salt to it and then add this mixture to the water

4. Slice 2-3 green chillies slit vertically and then add them to the Pot.

Stir well and then cover the jar and keep aside for fermenting for 2-3 days.

( Note: You will have to stir the contents 2-3 times a day and then keep it covered for fermenting )

1. Kanji is an excellent probiotic that would help balance the gut microbiome.

2. Recommended intake would be about a glass or two. Of course, you can take more if you like, since this drink is more or less like a fermented soup.

3. For those who feel that the mustard smell is overpowering, you can mix half glass of Kanji with half a glass of Coconut milk. Then garnish it with finely chopped coriander before drinking.

4. The carrots and beet pieces would get fermented as well. They will be sour and tangy yet crisp and can be used in salads, added to curries or they can be pureed and mixed with the Kanji prior to drinking.

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