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Aparajita & Narthangai Probiotic Beverage

Prehealing Fermentation is markedly different. This is a recipe focussed on providing life sustaining probiotics and not on generating a drink with high alcohol content.

Even though this is a fermented drink, the intention here is to nurture and grow natural probiotics that can become a part of the human microbiome. In fact a lot of diseases that we in the civilized world experience is due to a loss of diversity of precious microflora from the human microbiome.

To ensure that there is a diverse range of probiotics in this beverage we use a starter culture that has been carefully prepared with flowers and fruits harvested from areas where the microbial diversity is not affected by pollution and unnatural farming practices.

Can be used for : Children and Adults alike. This is more of a preventive remedy. Here are a few conditions it would help with.

Improving memory, Diabetes, Hypertension, Migraine, Asthma, PMS, Hormonal issues, Joint pains and inflammation, Liver related issues, Indigestion, Acidity, Insomnia due to stress and anxiety, Skin disorders, Cancer.

For those of you who are not Prehealing participants, please read the disclaimer and note of caution given at the end of this post.

Ingredients Required

1000 ml of Water

1 large glass bottle ( 1200 ml) /or 2 nos of 600ml bottles/ or 4 nos 300 ml bottles

25 to 40 flowers of Aparajita ( Clitorea ternatea)

2 Narthangai (Citron) or 3-4 lemons

40 to 50 grams of Sugar ( This will provide food for the probiotics and will get used up during the fermentation process)

50 ml of Starter culture

(The flowers used for the starter culture are harvested from a forest. They grow in the wild and have a wider range of probiotics than those flowers that are either cultivated or grown in cities. The profile of probiotics growing in your beverage would depend on the starter culture. It is for this reason, we would recommend using good starter cultures for making Probiotic beverages at home.)


1. Add sugar to the water. Place on heat and let the water boil. As soon as the water starts to boil, turn off the flame and then add Aparajita flowers.

2. Stir the flowers in the hot solution for a minute and then cover the utensil and keep it aside so that it can cool down.

3. When the liquid has cooled down, take out the flowers and discard them.

4. Add Narthangai/Lemon Juice, stir well and then add Starter culture and mix well.

5. Filter the beverage and then transfer to glass bottles.

6. Leave it undisturbed for a day ( or two)

The fermentation should start in a couple of hours. You will be able to see the microbial activity as they breakdown the sugar and transform the juice into a powerful and potent healing potion. This process is called as Bio-transformation as billions of microbes transform the raw materials and generate new compounds that will further enhance the medicinal qualities of the beverage.

You can see the active fermentation process in this short clip. Notice the bubbles rising to the top.

Also ensure that you open the cap/cover of the bottle after a day so as to release the pressure builtup due to fermentation. Once you have done so put the cover back on.

Children can be given the beverage after one day. For those of you who want the sugar quantity to reduce further, a 2-3 day wait period is recommended.

Note: Keep aside 100 ml of 1 day old beverage/ or 50ml of 2-3 day old beverage as a starter culture for your next batch


Children: One day old culture: 1/4th to ½ glass (50-100 ml /day)

Children: 2-3 day old culture: 1 tablespoon diluted in 2 tablespoon of water

Adults: 1-3 glasses per day


1. The biggest benefit is the sheer number of Probiotics that your body will have access to.

2. Aparajita flowers help with nurturing the nervous system. This would therefore help growing children, stressed out adults and those suffering from stress related disorders like Insomnia, Panic disorders, etc

3. The drink gets its bright colours due to the presence of a pigments that play a crucial role in helping the body fight infections and free radical damage. It would therefore help children who are susceptible or prone to getting fevers, boils and other infections.

4. Helps with digestion related issues. Would help stabilize the appetite in those who overeat. It also helps children who are fussy eaters by improving their appetite.

5. It helps improve memory. Hence this drink would be of great help for students.

6. It will also benefit those who are suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension.

7. It helps address PMS as well as other issues caused in women because of hormonal imbalance (Caused due to xenoestrogens, stress, endocrine disruptors and modern lifestyle)

8. The Narthangai / Lemon flavonoids are also very powerful anticancer compounds. They have anti-inflammatory properties as well and that would help those with Arthritis, Rheumatism, Connective tissue disorders and Allergies.

9. Antioxidants from Narthangai would assist the body in building its defences. This would ensure that the one who drinks this beverage a couple of times a month would be more resistant to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog have been posted for those who are familiar with Prehealing Lifestyle and have experienced the benefits. For others it is recommended that you follow the instructions listed here after consulting with someone well versed in this art. The information here is priceless, but it is important that you apply it in a manner where you do not cause unintentional harm. Feel free to contact us a just in case you have any doubts or queries.

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