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My Conversations with Covid-19

What better way to get to know someone than to engage in a conversation? Having been blessed with a Schizophrenic mind, I let one part of me interview another, as the third part took notes.

Boy! Can I ever be lonely?!

In a nutshell:

A virus is Nature's 'Balancing App' powered by NI ( Natural intelligence) a far superior organic technology .

It is a code that exposes the vulnerabilities of cells in a body, lapses in the security and the unpreparedness of the immune system. The best way to survive it's onslaught is to have a responsive immune system, a healthy environment and a well thought of & disciplined lifestyle.


Here is the excerpt of the conversation...

Me: Hi. I hope you don't mind if I dive right in and start asking you questions so that I can better understand you.

Covid-19: Be my guest. I too follow the same approach. I come in contact with someone and I prefer to start a conversation as soon as I can.

They call me 'Highly infectious'!

Me: Can you tell me something about yourself?

Covid-19: Of course, yes. Just as you are a guy who wears multiple hats, so also, I have multiple roles to play. I am Nature's app powered by NI (Natural Intelligence), I am also a test and I am here for a reason: To clean up the mess and rebalance the ecosystem.

Me: You make yourself sound more like a representative sent by Nature.

Covid-19: Oh yes, I am. You might be aware that I am nothing but a code. By myself, I am in a state that humans like to call as 'On the Threshold of Life and Death'. It is only when certain cells take me inside and spy on my code do they get infected. Now the choice is theirs. If they resonate with my code, the cells start replicating my code and assembling more copies to pass on to other cells.

To anthropomorphise: that is to put it in human context- They, the cells, start to mass forward and make my message go viral. Now, other cells who are vulnerable to gossip, start to read my code too and then the mass forwards become truly viral, till such a time your immune system decides to act.

Me: So the Immune system is your enemy?

Covid-19: Far from it, like I said, I am also a test: An examination if you may. I test the cells and it is their vulnerability that makes them mistake me for something useful and fall a prey to my code. I also test the immune system's ability to protect, detect and single out those elements that can cause harm as well as those elements that fall a prey to viruses like me.

By pointing out the weak and rebellious cells to the immune system I am actually doing the immune system a favour.

You know what: Though you might disagree, I consider myself a 'Harsh Detox' I expose vulnerabilities and force the immune system to act on the offenders.

Me: But you don't have to kill. Do you?

Covid-19: I never kill. If someone decides to drink alcohol and succumbs to it, is it the fault of alcohol? If a man were to lose control over his senses, can he blame a woman? That's exactly the reason as to why a person who perpetuates a crime of abusing the rights of someone weaker, is punished by your legal system.

As I said, I am a code and unlike humans, I don't believe in 'Copyright' though I do insist on 'Copy it right'.

If a cell decides to take me inside, and make copies of mine, I allow them to do just that. It is their choice that ends their life. Moreover, I have a much greater role to play. To help Mother Nature.

Me: A killer talking about helping mother nature!

Covid-19: Look who is talking! Had your folks been able to control their desires and not abuse animals, I wouldn't have been here.

Me: So we are suffering for our actions right?

Covid-19: Yes, in a way. You did not have to decide to take this examination at all.

I was an examination for wild animals, till some overconfident human decided to spy on my code and made the required changes so that I can be forwarded to human cells.

You have taken upon yourself this exam when the entire race was unprepared for it !

Me: You say you are helping Nature. Could you please elaborate.

Covid-19: To you, a 'Human being' is an individual- one entity, to me each individual is a collection of a few trillion workers: the cells that have decided to stay together and interact with the environment. To me and to Nature, each human being and every other multicellular organism that you see, is a society, a community; or in your terms, a Natural Intelligence driven Corporation.

Now, each group of cells has its own designated responsibilities and duties towards the society aka the individual as well as towards the Ecosystem ( Which supports its very survival)

The problem arises when individual societies start to go rogue. They start abusing the rights of other cells within the same body as well as perpetrate acts of crime on other living organisms within their ecosystem. This is when it starts to create an imbalance.

You have been a witness to mans atrocities, so I need not elaborate on that further.

So, when the balance is lost, Nature tries to regain back that balance by resorting to an App. I am that App, with a built in Intelligence to adapt and morph as I conduct a community specific Audit.

Nature's logic is simple. The unfit cells will succumb, the fit ones will survive. The fit ones will learn to respect and resonate with Nature.

What you consider as death of a human being, for Nature its collapse of unfit and irresponsible societies. It is verily the closing down of malignant Corporates that do not contribute to the economy and cause more harm than good....

Me: Is there a way we can stay protected.

Covid-19: The best way is to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Its a no brainer, that a healthy lifestyle is also one that is kinder, more understanding and a respectful way of living. When you are not taking shortcuts, when you are actively engaged in taking care of yourself and your environment, it empowers each and every cell of your body and also tunes the immune system in a manner that would protect you from any threats.

In short, when you are prepared, you will be able to pass every examination that Nature throws at you.

Me: Is there anything else you got to share with me?

Covid-19: Well, I have the code. Are you ready to take the examination?

Are you game?!!!


Key Takeaways from this Conversation

1. A virus is a code. It's role is to expose the vulnerabilities of cells and organisms, and to weed out those that are not fit to survive.

2. It is Natures way of rebalancing an Ecosystem.

3. A virus does not go into a cell, in fact it is a cell that takes in the virus and starts mass replicating and forwarding the virus to other cells. Like the master who uses social media, the cell too starts making multiple copies and mass forwarding the virus.

4. The virus is also a test for the immune system. By creating a disturbance in the internal environment of an individual, the virus alerts the immune system to the presence of unhealthy cells in the body. It is now the immune systems prerogative and responsibility to find the cells that have been brainwashed or rather DNA washed by the virus!

5. Now, if the Immune system has been healthy, if it has been supported well by the owner of the body, then the immune system will be able to win the battle. If however the immune system is weakened by stress, unnatural lifestyle, irresponsible behaviour and by the pollution caused by members of the same species then the immune system will not be able to effectively handle the infection.

6. It is also to be noted that a person who respects nature and leads a healthy lifestyle will be less vulnerable than someone who disrespects and abuses nature.

7. What results in death is not the virus, but the overreaction or the negligence of the immune system. If the immune system does not detect the disease at all, most of the cells can become infected and the person could collapse. If the immune system goes the other extreme and panics and launches an all out offensive against the virus and the cells that have been spreading the message of the virus, the overreaction too could cause inflammation, fluid accumulation, weakening of the immune response, secondary infections and finally death.

8. A vaccine is like an examination paper that has been leaked before you take the real examination.

A vaccine will not be able to work if

a. Your immune system is not functioning.

b. If the vaccine is for one strain of the virus and you get infected by another- Which is like getting a leaked Chemistry paper in advance but realising on the day of the exam that you are supposed to be giving the Physics exam !

c. If the virus has the ability to mutate and make changes to its code thereby rendering your vaccine less effective.

9. Rather than depending on a vaccine that is equivalent to a leaked exam paper, it is best to prepare for the exam in a manner that you will be less dependent on external help. That is why a healthy lifestyle and a well tuned immune system is the best way to address a viral infection.

Remember, man's greatest weakness today is to try to get as many leaked papers as possible. Yes there are leaked papers and cheats, also called as Vaccines for many many viruses, but then it leaves you unprepared for something that is new, some thing that you haven't been expecting. That is why it is best to be prepared and alert at all times.

The only way you can do that is to 'Help Nature Help You'


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