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Cultured Probiotic enriched Rice

Cultured rice easy to digest and helps supplement the body with essential vitamins. It also helps in enriching our microbiome with its wide diversity of gut friendly probiotics.

Items Required:

Cooked Rice, Earthen Pot or a Stainless steel container, Drinking water.

  1. Take Cooked Rice ( Take sufficient quantity for a couple of meals)

  2. Soak the cooked rice in water and keep it covered in a stainless steel / Earthen pot. Ensure that the water covers the rice ( an inch or two above the surface of rice )

  3. Change the water every morning and evening for the first 2 days. To do this you can just pour off as much water as you can and not worry about draining every bit of it. Once you have poured off the water, you can fill in fresh water so as to cover the rice as before

  4. Cultured rice should be ready by Day 2. To use it take the required quantity of rice from the container and put it in a sieve or cloth so that you can drain excess water. Now the rice is ready to be consumed.

  5. Ensure that you replace the rice that you have just taken out with equal quantities of fresh rice. This will ensure that you have a steady supply of cultured rice on a daily basis.

Note: Longer fermentation process will yield a sour tasting rice that is very rich in probiotics and is easier to digest. From day 3 onwards the water too can be used for drinking as it is a source of probiotics. It can be consumed as it is or can be taken after adding 1/2 lemon and a pinch of pink salt.


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