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Clinically Doomed: Our Journey From Nature's Lap to Man's Lab

This could be a scene from a dystopian future, if we let the Pharma industry take complete control over our lives....

It is the year 2101. An elderly patient is lying on a bed. He had been rescued from a desert and is now in the emergency ward, awaiting treatment. His face is shrivelled, skin looks pale and his lips are parched and dry. He can barely open his eyes and is trying to say something: perhaps he is trying to ask for something. But he can't be heard, his voice is too feeble and it is obvious that he doesnt have sufficient energy to even say a word: A single Word that is in fact a solution to his current problem...

A young doctor assigned to this patient is trying to decide on how he can be helped. An elderly nurse stands by silently observing the doctor and waiting for him to come up with a strategy to save this poor old man. The doctor spends a couple of minutes figuring out what to do and then steps out of the room asking the nurse to watch over the patient.

As soon as the doctor steps out of the ward, the elderly nurse takes a glass of water and pours it gently in the man's mouth....

The doctor walks in about 15 minutes later, he sees that the patient is looking much much better. His eyes are open, his face seems brighter and he seems at ease. The doctor is surprised by this sudden turn of events and asks the elderly nurse as to what had happened. How could such extreme weakness, fatigue and dehydration be reversed in such a short time. The nurse tells him that she had given the patient a glass of water.

The doctor is shocked. He immediately calls the hospital security and the nurse is arrested.

She is tried in the court and sentenced to 5 years in prison

Her crimes:

  1. She was not qualified to treat a patient.

  2. She had taken the liberty to treat a patient based on anecdotal evidence that water could heal patients with severe dehydration.....

  3. She had risked the patients life by giving him something for which the medical community had not yet conducted Clinical trials.

At the hospital the patient is unaware of the nurse's fate. He is charged a hefty fee for his treatment and is then handed over this prescription !!!

Back in our current year 2020: Are things different today?

Not much really.

During this pandemic: even though thousands of people can attest to the healing properties of certain herbs and supplements for Covid, they just cant say so- and we are not supposed to listen to them.

Medico-Legally speaking, I cant recommend nor take powerful:

Antiviral herbs like Glycyrrhiza glabra, Nycthanthes arbor-tristis....

Adaptogens like Tinospora cordifolia and Withnia somnifera.

Herbs that help tone the respiratory system: Adathoda vasica, Basil, Cymbopogan citratus...

Antiypretic herbs (For Reducing Fever) : Allium cepa, Allium sativa, Tinospora cordifolia....

Powerful Antioxidants like Citrus limon (Lemon), Curcumin from Turmeric, Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM a sulphur rich antioxidant)....

Essential Minerals like Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium

Vitamins the likes of Vitamin D3, B-Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin E...


Because even though thousands can attest for their efficacy, they are still Anecdotal evidences in the eyes of the regulatory body that we have chosen to look over us. Even doctors who are keen to help, have tried and tested these remedies and are convinced of their medicinal benefits are not permitted to recommend or prescribe any of these herbs and supplements. According to the regulatory body none of these solutions can be implemented until and unless clinical trials prove them to be useful.

And why arent clinical trials being done on these powerful natural remedies. Well each clinical trial costs between $ 15-30 million. Who would pay such a high cost from their own pockets when they have nothing to gain?

Would you ?

So now, are we really Clinically Doomed?

Umm, perhaps we are, but yes, here is one thing you can do

Drink water while you have the freedom !


Dystopian: An imaginary future society that would not be pleasant to live in.

Anecdotal: Based on personal accounts and experience rather than proven by scientific testing and validation...

Adaptogen: A herb or supplement that conditions and helps you to adapt to stressful conditions.

Glycyrrhiza glabra : A powerful antiviral herb. Called as Liquorice in English, names in Indian regional languages - Mulethi, Yashtimadhu, Atimaduram, Jyestamadh...

Nycthanthes arbor-tristis: Commonly called as Coral Jasmine or Parijat. Read more about it here...

Tinospora cordifolia: A very powerful adaptogen. Locally known as Giloy, Amrutballi, Gulvel


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