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Coronavirus infection in this Digital Age

The digital technology has impacted most of us in a way that we oscillate between two extremes. Like 0 and 1 in the digital world, our options seem to be oversimplified with YES or NO. Right now during this Cornavirus crisis most people are polarized along the lines of 'Be Carefree' as if there is no problem at all or 'Panic as if the world is going to collapse' in no time.

A couple of days ago, an acquaintance asked me if he needed to worry about the Coronavirus. I said "Not really....." and asked him to read my first post on coronavirus.

The very next day he was partying with a group of friends telling them that this entire Coronavirus is a hoax ! To backup his claims and his confidence were WhatsApp messages that were supposedly from UNICEF stating that the coronavirus was a propaganda blown out of proportion and that one need not worry about it. The document went on to say that the virus is so big and heavy that a simple mask could offer the required protection...

When I ask someone not to Panic, it does not imply that they can go the other extreme and be careless !

Well the so called UNICEF document proved to be a hoax. All that the creator of the poorly written, grammatically incorrect & misleading document had to do was to put UNICEF at the bottom and the masses kept forwarding the document without even checking its authenticity.

Here are a few facts we should keep in mind rather than vacillating between extremes.

1. The virus can be a threat only if our immune system is not able to detect it and fight the virus ( In case you are exposed to it). Remember there aren't any vaccines or virus specific drugs as of now. The best defence we have is our Immune system.

2. Like the art of 'Yoganidra', where you learn to embrace opposites- that is learn to be aware as you sleep, so also the current situation calls for us being calm as we prepare ourselves and do the best to stay protected. Just because there is nothing to panic, does not mean that you can party and encourage gatherings even as experts are warning against it.

3. Coronaviruses have been there for millions of years, but this strain is new. Even the experts need time to get to understand the way this virus spreads, infects and mutates. Don't assume that just because they are not able to give you the facts right now, a WhatsApp post or a Youtube video calling this a propaganda is true.

4. Heat might kill the virus, but there is a lot about it that we don't know yet. For e.g could Air Conditioning units play a role in circulating it? Could the virus mutate in a manner that it can withstand heat and so on...

Respect your opponent, it has taken lives of quite a few people who were unprepared for its onslaught. There is no harm in being prepared.

5. Also your overconfidence might cost someone else their comfort. For e.g- You go to a party and happen to get the virus home. Your immune system might be able to fight it off, but your elderly father might succumb to it... Try not to become a carrier.

6. Providing good nutrition to the body, taking supplements to fill in the gaps and leading a good lifestyle will not be efforts in vain. Why not pamper our body for a change?

7. If you are not able to provide the right information, at least do not become instrumental in spreading false messages. Before you click on the send button, think about the repercussions of your forwards.

8. Last but not the least. Hope that the coronavirus will die down soon, but be vigilant as if it is the greatest threat on earth. Let not the death of the 3500 people go in vain. They have lost their lives to this infection, if we learn from it at least we can protect ourselves as well as our near and dear ones. Their deaths will not be in vain.

To sum it up Coronavirus infection is not a death sentence. 95-98% would recover from it. But, why get infected in the first place? Stay safe , stay protected.



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