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      Our Community is an initiative based on Prehealing, that transcends modern commerce and economy driven lifestyle. The initiative is for creating a global joint family so that all the members of this community get access to resources and support just as they would get from close family and friends. 

As of now, we accept community members only by invitation. However, if your reaching this webpage has been a serendipitous event and you resonate with this idea of a big global joint family then you are most welcome to get in touch

Take some time to go through our blogs. You will find everything from Prehealing  Philosophy, Information on Herbs, Recipes etc,,,


A few Initiatives that we have taken....

1. Knowledge sharing. Talks, seminars and workshops on PreHealing.


2. Creating a community and Connecting community members with other members who provide services so that the community can be self sustained and can be supported by those who are in line with the Prehealing way of life


3.Online initiatives to reach out to a wider audience. 


4.Online consultations and courses for those battling with incurable and difficult to heal diseases. 


5. Practical tips and tutorials on making herbal medicines at home.( Click Here...)


Our Mailing List

Thank you !

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