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Naturally fermented Mango Probiotic

Here is a recipe made using Mangoes from the Prehealing farm. The mangoes are grown in an environment that helps nurture the natural microbiome on the surface of each and every fruit and hence we will be using a small piece of the peel as a starter for the fermentation process.

Can be used for : Children and Adults alike. This is more of a preventive remedy. Here are a few conditions it would help with.

Improving memory, Diabetes, Hypertension, Migraine, Asthma, PMS, Hormonal issues, Joint pains and inflammation, Liver related issues, Indigestion, Acidity, Insomnia due to stress and anxiety, Skin disorders, Cancer.

Note: Even though this is a fermented drink, the intention here is to nurture and grow natural probiotics that can become a part of the human microbiome. In fact a lot of diseases that we in the civilized world experience is due to a loss of diversity of precious microflora from the human microbiome.

The medical community has cultivated this fear of microbes by saying that until and unless they give a go ahead and certify a microbe as good, you are to stay away from everything that has to do with microbes without certificates !

Unfortunately 50-70% of our body is not ours. It is made up of trillions of microbes and they are the ones that actually keep us healthy and fit ( If only we let them do their job). A lot of allopathic medicines negatively impact our gut microbiome and this in turn affects our health.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, we should be using more of natural probiotics so as to help tone up and strenghten our immune system.

Here is one such recipe...

Ingredients Required

800-900 ml of Water

1 large glass bottle ( 1200 ml) /or 2 nos of 600ml bottles/ or 4 nos 300 ml bottles

1-2 Semi Ripe / Ripe Mangoes

2-3 lemons

40-60 gms of Sugar ( Or pure Glucose ) This will provide food for the probiotics and will get used up during the fermentation process.


  1. Small piece of Mango peel - If the mango is from the Prehealing farm / your garden or a source that you are sure has nurtured the mango in an natural environment.

  2. A starter Culture


After removing the peels and the seed, grind the mango pieces to a fine paste in a mixer grinder. Add water and blend well. Then filter through a Soup Strainer.

Since the mangoes are ripe, you will have to adjust the acidity by adding 2-3 lemons per litre of juice.

Add sugar and mix well till it dissolves.

If you are using a starter culture instead of the peel, add 25-50 ml of the starter culture


Pour the juice in a glass bottle and add a small piece of Mango peel to the bottle. Cap it lightly and set aside in a cool dark place so that the fermentation process can go on undisturbed for 24 -36 hours.

After about 24 hours, check as to how the fermentation is going on. If it is vigorous then you might have to release some pressure by loosening the cap of the bottle. If the activity is not vigorous, gently shake the bottle so as to mix the contents of the juice evenly and set it aside for fermenting for another 10-12 hours.

You can start consuming this Probiotic beverage as soon as you notice continuous formation of bubbles in your probiotic drink. The bubbles are formed due to the activity of millions of microscopic organisms that break down the sugars as they grow in numbers.

Once the Mango Probiotic drink is to your liking, Refrigerate the drink to slow down the fermentation.

Note: For those of you who prefer lower sugar levels

1. Let the beverage ferment for a longer time, since longer the fermentation time, more of the sugars will be broken down.


2. Once the activity of the Probiotics reaches a peak, make equal quantities of Mango Juice as you had made earlier with 2-3 lemons but without additional sugar.

Mix this fresh juice with the Fermented Beverage and rebottle it again.

Set aside and let it ferment for a day.

Then refrigerate.

Note: Keep aside 100 ml of 1 day old beverage/ or 50ml of 2-3 day old beverage as a starter culture for your next batch. You can use this starter culture if you want to make a Probiotic drink with mangoes that are not from the Prehealing farm.


Children: One day old culture: 1/4th to ½ glass (50-100 ml /day)

Children: 2-3 day old culture: 1 tablespoon diluted in 2 tablespoon of water

Adults: 1-3 glasses per day.


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