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Parijatak Herbal Tea

A decoction of the leaves if taken twice a week will help protect from infections. A must have herb especially when you have an epidemic doing the rounds. The decocotion is an excellent remedy when you are suffering from Fever, body pains, cough and cold. Besides helping the body fight microbial and viral infections. This herb is not only a potent antibacterial and antiviral, but it also helps fight the infections by supporting the liver so that it can detox better and the immune system so that it can fight the infectious organism causing the disease. It is for this reason, you can take this herb even when you are on allopathic medications, as it would give the necessary boost to your body to heal.

Scientific Name: Nyctanthus arbor-tristis | English: Coral Jasmine| Sanskrit: Parijat| Hindi: Harsingar, Parijat | Bengali: Shefali | Tamil: Pavazhamalli, Manjatpu | Marathi: Parijatak | Telugu: Parijatamu | Kannada: Parijatha, Prajakta | Malayalam: Parijatukam | Nepali: Parijata, Paghala

Ingredients for Making the Herbal Tea:

8-10 Parijataka leaves.

20-30 Parijatak flowers ( If available)

750 ml of water ( 3 Glasses )


Makes 2 Glasses ( 500 ml)

Add 750 ml of water to a pot along with the leaves and flowers. Heat on a medium flame till the contents start to boil Reduce the quantity by 1/3rd and then turn off the flame. Filter the herbal tea and discard the leaves and the flowers.

Yes, you will hate me for the taste, but after you have experienced the results, you will definitely depend on this herbal tea as and when there is an infection doing the rounds (an epidemic) or in an unfortunate event when you or your loved one is sick.


To help reduce fever when one is down with viral Flu or any bacterial infection. Safe to take along with most allopathic and ayurvedic medicines.

Also helps provide an environment to help heal / reverse diseases where the immune system is affected. For e.g. Autoimmune diseases

This is an excellent herbal remedy to help heal diseases even before they manifest. Now you might ask “ How can you heal something even before it manifests: That is not even there as yet ? !” To know more about this Purvatapic way of healing, please refer to the blog: Purvatapa and Prehealing

This blog will help you understand as to what Purvatapa is. Coincidentally, this is the very herb that Krishna is said to have carried from the celestial gardens of Indra to earth.

And yes, religious parables aside, this herb has proven its worth and has helped many Prehealing participants recover from viral infections, flu and fevers.

To know more about the Parijata Herb: Click here

Please Note: Most of the remedies that I have shared with you have been tried out by members of the Prehealing Community. Prehealing community members not only rely on remedies listed on this site, but also follow a lifestyle that is healing centric.

Not being a Prehealing community member should not stop you from using these remedies, but you should be aware that a good lifestyle and a happy body would help make these remedies more efficacious.

It is also recommended that you follow the remedies on this site, under the supervision and guidance of your doctor or an Ayurvedic / Holistic practitioner.


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