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To Drink or Not to Drink

For those who Drink, You know what I mean.

For those who Don’t, Pour yourself a glass of water.

Saint Das ;)

I drank a glass of water. Really !


[ Disclaimer: The views expressed here are unique to the Prehealing community. It is unlikely that you will find similar information elsewhere. I leave it to your discretion to accept the logic presented here or to discard it; till such a time that someone spends millions of dollars to do a controlled study, to prove it right.

The question remains: Why would someone do a study by spending millions of dollars- if the knowledge is not patentable and there is no way to get the million dollars back !]


I am sure that reading long blogs about alcohol wouldn’t give the reader a kick …. So here are a few points that should shed light on how a nectar has been converted into a poison.

1. Fermentation is a bio-transformative process, wherein carbohydrates like Sugars and starches are utilized by microbial colonies to grow.

2. As they grow, the microbes excrete a by-product that not only protects them from other species of microbes, but also acts as a marker that helps advanced life forms know about the existence of these probiotics. This simple organic compound is Ethanol. Most of us know it as alcohol.

3. The human brain learnt early on during evolution that Ethanol was a marker and its presence indicated a huge population of workers, who were looking out for a job.

4. Our gut is a factory and it is here that the microbes are employed to help provide nutrients for us. We in turn offer them protection and food.

5. So when humans did get a whiff of ethanol, they took in the beverage so that they could employ billions of labourers to do their work.

6. The body also chose to respond to ethanol in a unique way. Ethanol worked as a Central Nervous system depressant. It made the body relax, less active and want to take rest. This ensured that the individual hiring the new labourers, gave them sufficient time to settle.

7. In this way the Human body got the best of both. It got the microbes that helped the digestive organ and then the body got the much needed rest.

Fast forward to the Modern Age:

8. Commercialization is about volumes and consistency. To ensure that the beverage doesn’t get overfermented, the beverage is sterilized and chemicals are also added to enhance flavour, stabilize and preserve the beverage.

9. The industry doesn’t care about these microbes, so before the product is shipped the only important part of the product- The microbes are destroyed. Moreover, even if you do get some microbes they are all alike. Variety, the integral part of a creative workforce- is lost

10. So when you open that wonderfully packaged Alcoholic beverage- What you are getting are just the byproducts: Ethanol, water and other metabolites produced by the poor microbes, along with a host of unnecessary chemicals. This drink is meant to appeal only to the brain. It intoxicates us as it cheats the digestive system of the much needed workforce.

11. So drinking modern alcoholic beverages defeats the purpose. Your body really misses these microbes. When it feels cheated, it asks you for another glass, hoping that the next glass will contain microbes and the process continues. You get addicted, the body feels cheated and the industry does not realize or care that it is creating a rot in this beautiful society that will backfire one day.

12. The Solution: Learning Fermentation is very easy. It is an art that has been used by man for hundreds of years, long before corporations started manufacturing drinks on a large scale. Moreover, unlike commercial drinks where the profile of the microbes is limited, you will get a wider variety of local probiotics in your beverage.

Prehealing Community Resolution 2020:

I will not cheat my body. If I have to drink, I will make it.

Else, I will stick to what Das does: Grab a glass of water.


Asavas and Arishtas: Ayurvedic Fermented Drinks

1. Drakshasava ( Made from Grapes): Improves digestion, nervine tonic and for Migraines

2. Kumari Asava ( Made from Aloe Vera) - Immunomodulatory & tonic

3. Arjunarishta ( Bark of Arjuna tree)- An excellent remedy for heart related issues

4. Ashokarishta ( From the Asoka tree) - Womens health in general- For PMS and related issues

Links to Probiotic Recipes Hosted on Prehealing Site:

Non Alcoholic Recipes:

Alcoholic Recipes ( Very very Low alcohol content, hardly 0.5-2%)

Besides posting recipes on other fermented healing beverages , I will write a more detailed blog covering the following:

1. How a nectar has been converted into poison.

2. The hollow alcohol addiction. How corporates are using every technique possible to create mass scale addiction. Movies, social media, celebrities, culture… Leveraging on man’s primal weakness- The Serotonin circuits: The need to be recognized, to gradually move up the social ladder, and be seen as someone special.

3. The benefits of beverages fermented at home or made on a small scale.

4. How Ayurvedic practitioners used this process of bio-fermentation to make Asavas and Arishtas: Powerful ayurvedic formulations that help heal many diseases.

Note: If you are interested in Probiotics that help build your microbiome and confer you with multiple health benefits, do check out this blog from time to time. We will keep posting more and more articles that will enable you to understand the benefits as well as equip you with the knowledge to be self dependent.

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