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Sugary drink for Diabetics ! Really?

This blog is not very detailed. It is an answer to a question pertaining to the use of Sugar in certain Prehealing Fermented Beverages:

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are unique to the Prehealing community. It is unlikely that you will find similar information elsewhere. I leave it to your discretion to accept the logic presented here or to discard it; till such a time that someone spends millions of dollars to do a controlled study, to prove it right.

The question remains: Why would someone do a study by spending millions of dollars- if the knowledge is not patentable and there is no way to get the million dollars back !


1. Probiotics are a workforce that exist inside our digestive tract and help us process foods better. We as employers, welcome these probiotics, provide protection and also support them with their food and housing requirements.

2. Sugar is added to certain Probiotic beverages, so as to employ only those probiotics that are good at breaking down sugars. So when you put sugar in the raw beverage, you are being specific about the capabilities & qualifications you expect from the workforce that you want to employ.

3. The workforce that accepts your offer and starts growing in your sugary drink is sugar dependent for their survival. (Their talent is what you need and you are the employer who can give them a good life, since you are having sufficient sugars to spare.)

4. When this mildly sweet Probiotic beverage is consumed, thousands of trillions of sugar hungry labourers (Probiotics) colonize your digestive system.

5. While you might have just taken 1/2 tsp of sugar (at the most) by drinking the Probiotic drink, you have colonized your gut with quadrillions of sugar hungry probiotics that will require a lot more sugar throughout their lifecycle.

6. These sugar hungry probiotics start utilizing all the sugars in your gut, as a result they help reduce the sugar load in your body.

7. All in all what you perceive to be a sugary drink has now helped you overcome excess sugar in the body!

8. Skip adding sugar in the drink and you will miss these benefits. (You can't have a workforce specific to your needs without testing their capabilities first. The sugar in your drink is the enrollment test!)

9. If you prefer to get the most out of your Probiotic beverage, the best time to take it is when the drink is very mildly sweet to not sweet at all.

Note: Please do not let it over-ferment, as we want the conditions in the drink to mimic that in our gut. Over-fermentation will cause a reduction in the number of the Probiotic colonies. (Just as: When the office is overcrowded, there is no salary, there are no incentives and the future looks bleak, many employees will start leaving the workforce)

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