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Minority Wins, with Majority's support

What do you see in the black box? Do you see "I win" or do you see the 2,59,757 black pixels which are supporting the minority blue pixels to stand out?

The light blue pixels in the image are a mere 0.093% of the entire population, yet they are the ones that you take notice of !

A question you have to ask yourself "Am I the black or Am I different from the rest"?

I for one wanted to get out of the black zone into a zone that was mine. A zone that let me live my life in a way that was meaningful and not driven by others. I did this by looking at what the Majority did and then by asking the question "Why"?

In due course I realized that "We the Majority" exist to make the life of "Him/Her the Minority" meaningful, valuable and exciting. We sacrifice our freedom of thought and of expression, our freedom to do the things we feel that we must vs that which must be done because "Everyone" is doing it. We are bound by what others think, the way they would perceive us and we let the "Serotonin pathways" in our brain create a sense of happiness when we obey the dictates of the herd leader.... More of this for another post, for now lets get back to the topic that challenges the age old adage- "Majority Wins"

The Majority is wired to follow the Minority.

Look around:

At work: The ratio of the mangers to the workers / The CEO's to the managers / The ratio of successful CEO's to the ones who are struggling.

Entertainment: The ratio of film stars to the ordinary masses / The ratio of successful film stars compared to the others who are part of the cast and also many other film stars struggling to get recognition, yet not really appreciated ( Like the black in our image)

Sports: The ratio of those few cricketers, selected to represent India, Pakistan, Australia, UK, South Africa... vs those millions who love the sport, but haven't been able to qualify.

Politics: Those few who lead millions vs those millions who waste time arguing, fighting, criticizing and in some cases even giving up their lives for the sake of their leader !

Why this blog, at a time when I was supposed to post remedies for the Coronavirus pandemic?
The Coronavirus which is a threat to the Majority, would be perceived as an opportunity by the minority. The fear and the resulting panic among the majority would help create new millionaires, priceless patents, successful entrepreneurs, leaders, activists etc. No matter what: The majority would be at the greatest risk and that is why, it is important for us as a community to learn from the successful minority.

The need for Shortcuts is the greatest drawback for the majority, since it is the minority that fills in the need.


Majority: I just have a couple of hours to spend, how about a Movie?

Minority: I'll make that for you and will also try to win you over. Not only will you pay me for entertaining you, but will hand over a chunk of your emotions (read: freedom) to me...

Majority: My children are being educated in one of the best educational institutions.

Minority: I will create an institution (read: training ground) where your children will be polished and prepared to serve those minorities (read: Corporations) which need labourers ( read: slaves). Depending on his/her ability, they will be awarded certificates (read: Tagged/Branded*) so that they can get good employment ( read: enslaved). We will ensure that your children will start working for employment from the time they have barely learnt to stand, and when they do get employed you can proudly say " My child is able to stand on his own- support himself !"

Majority: I can't stand this acidity, can I have a pill?

Minority: Yes we do have the right chemical for you. It is a proton pump inhibitor. It will stop those cells in your stomach lining from creating acid and will give you instant relief.

Yes, we do know that short circuiting this process can cause side effects, but we are also creating new medicines for those side effects and when things get worse, we can offer you other options like surgery, stem cell therapy......

We do have research to back us up, a process to support us and an industry run by minorities that would vouch for us. Please understand, our survival depends on your life!!!

The next big question is: Are you ready to let go shortcuts and attempt to move over to the "minority" side?

Whilst, moving over is not an instant process its never too late to start. It takes quite some time, some effort and some support too. Time and effort would be yours, the support would come as you start looking out for one. The Secret is that you are not alone.

--- Meanings of certain words used in this post ---

* Branding: Branding is a technique for marking livestock so as to identify the owner. Earlier methods were painful, the newer ones are not. It was also used in certain cultures to mark a persons affiliation to a group. Today we are using painless branding techniques on almost everyone who wants to be "Someone"

Note: While you think, it over and mull over this post, I will also prepare a list of things you could do to protect yourself in an eventuality that the current Coronavirus pandemic becomes unmanageable. I will not be able to give you shortcuts, but yes, I would be able to share action plans that would help you stay protected and safe.


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