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Knol khol Rice Replacement

Scientific name: Brassica oleracea.

Nolkhol is also known as Kholrabi.

Requirements: 1 Nolkhol

1 Carrot 1 tablespoon Very finely grated coconut ( You can skip it if you are not fond of coconut) Optional Items 1 Zucchini ( Optional ) A small piece of Bottle Gourd ( Optional) Preparation: Grate Carrots and Nolkhol ( Medium or Fine grating, depending on your choice) Add 1 tablespoon of finely grated coconut. Mix well. You can add the optional items too based on your preference How to Use:

Use this grated mixture as a replacement for rice. Serve it on your plate just as you would serve an helping of rice. To this, you can can add Gravy, Rasam, Sambhar etc, just like you would take along with rice.

Mix with your fingers so that it gives you a feeling of having a meal with rice (Eating the traditional way- using all the 5 fingers has its own advantages...)

And yes, do take other green veggies and side dishes as usual. What makes our eating experience unique is the ritual. If you eat this as you would eat in South India with hand ( sans spoon) you will not miss cooked rice.


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