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Processing Alum

To be used under the guidance of your Doctor / Vaidya/ Holistic Practitioner


50 Grams of Alum ( Potassium Aluminium Sulfate ).

Other Requirements:

Mortar and Pestle

A flat cast iron pan and a Glass container


Take 50 grams of Alum. Crush it in a mortar so that it is broken down to a fine powder.

Keep pan for heating. When the pan is hot, pour the powder onto the pan and spread it evenly.

The powder will appear to be melting. It will start to bubble as water escapes from the crystals. Once the bubbling stops what would be left behind would be a pale white residue in form of sheets. Turn off the flame. Let the pan cool down. Collect the flaky sheets, powder it using a mortar and pestle and then transfer the powder to a glass container.


This powder can be used as a raw material for making a variety of homemade medicines in order to address

1. Bleeding Gums

2. As and antispetic and antibiotic ( For small nicks and cuts)

3. To help arrest excessive bleeding that is difficult to stop.

4. Epsitaxis ( Nose bleeding in kids and adults)

5. Rectal bleeding

6. Piles

7. Water purification

You should find more information on this site, however if you are not able to find the required information or if you need clarifications and guidance as to how it is to be used, feel free to email me at


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