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Milk of Magnesia with Lemon Juice

It is recommended that you follow the remedies listed on this page, under the supervision and guidance of your doctor ( Allopathic / Ayurvedic / Holistic practitioner )


  1. 10 ml (2 Tsp) Phillips Milk of Magnesia ( non flavoured)

  2. 10 ml (2 Tsp)Lemon Juice

  3. 500 mg Inositol powder ( Subject to availability)

  4. 200 ml water

  5. Extra Lemon Juice ( If required )


Mix Milk of Magnesia and Lemon Juice. Stir well and keep aside for about 5 minutes.

Add Inositol powder mix well and then add 200ml of water.

Taste the final mixture. If you would like to make it more sour, add a tsp or two of lemon juice. Stir well before drinking.


Check with your practitioner before taking this

Preferred Timings

Before Breakfast

Before Lunch

Just before sleeping

Please Note: Most of the remedies that I have shared with you have been tried out by members of the Prehealing Community. Prehealing community members not only rely on remedies listed on this site, but also follow a lifestyle that is healing centric.

Not being a Prehealing community member should not stop you from using these remedies, but you should be aware that a good lifestyle and a happy body would help make these remedies more efficacious.


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