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Aloe Vera Juice for Congestion


A thick and mature Aloe leaf

Rock Salt


Take a fresh aloe leaf. If it is freshly harvested from the plant, wash off the yellow resin from the cut part of the leaf. Then take about 3” piece from the lowermost portion of the leaf ( This is also the thickest portion). Hold it over a flame with a pair of tongs and roast it for about a minute till the skin of the leaf changes colour from pale green to a pale brown. Once done, turn off the flame. Take a fine muslin cloth or a cheesecloth and use it to squeeze out the juice from the leaf.

The juice might be slightly slimy to touch. Once you have extracted the juice add a pinch of rock salt to the juice.


1. To be used when infants are having severe cough and congestion due to cold or while they are teething. This is an excellent alternative to using steroid nebulisers sprays

2. For children with congestion and wheezing

3. For Adults with severe congestion and accumulation of phlegm.


6-12 months old: Administer about 2 tsp of the juice at a time.

12-18 months old: Administer about 2-3 tsp of this juice

18-36 months old : Administer about 1.5-2 tablespoons at a time

3 Years to 6 years : 3 tablespoons

6 Years to 12 : 4 tablespoons

Above 12 and Adults : 4-6 tablespoons


For infants and children younger than three years, you might have to place the child on your lap and hold her head. Your spouse can then administer this juice to the child so that she takes it in. Please note that the child will resist and in some cases literally get the roof down as you attempt to give this juice.

Once you have given the juice, the child might either vomit it out completely and expel phlegm or the child might get good motions after a couple of hours and this cleansing of the bowels along with the phlegm will also help reduce the intensity of the congestion. You might have to administer this for 2-3 days for best results.


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