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Adulsa Cough Syrup

Ingredients Required

1) 250 ml Juice extracted from fresh Adulsa leaves ( Adathoda vasica leaves.)

2) 2 Fully Grown and Mature Aloe Vera leaves ( Should give approximately 120-200 grams of Aloe vera Gel )

3) 50 ml Juice from thick succulent Oregano leaves ( Plectranthus amboinicus )

4) 10 grams of Italian Basil leaves or 3 grams of Dried Italian Basil leaves

5) 10 grams of Holy Basil leaves or 3 grams dried leaves

6) 15 grams of Mint Leaves or 3 grams of Dried Mint leaves

7) 15 grams of fresh Lemon Grass leaves or 5 grams of dried lemon grass leaves

8) 30-40 Cloves

9) 3 grams of Indian Liquorice ( 1 tsp of Liquorice powder)

10) 1/2 tsp of Organic Turmeric powder

11) 3 grams or 1 tsp of Tinospora cordifolia powder ( Other names: Giloy / Amrutaballi/ Guduchi )

12) 150 ml of Kumari Asava an Ayurvedic preparation ( Preferred Brand: Baidyanath)

13) 200-300 ml of Honey

14) 600 ml of water


Step 1: Getting the Juices Ready

Carefully cut out two fully grown thick Aloe Vera Leaves. Let the resin drain and then slice it horizontally so that the leaf is slit into upper and lower halves. Scoop out the gel and put it in a vessel. To this vessel add about 250 ml fresh juice of Adulsa and 50ml Juice of Oregano leaf ( Thick succulent Coleus Leaf scientific name: Plectranthus amboinicus )

Step 2: Preparing the Decoction of Herbs ( Kashyam)

Take 600ml of water

Add Italian Basil leaves, Holy Basil Leaves, Mint leaves, Lemon grass and Cloves

After adding all the ingredients boil it till you get the Aroma from the herbs

Once the Kashyam (decoction) starts boiling, lower the flame and then to the Kashyam add the following ingredients.

1. 1 tsp of Indian Liquorice ( Yashtimadhu / Mulethi powder)

2. 1/2 tsp of Turmeric

3. 1 tsp of Tinospora cordifolia powder (subject to availability)

After adding the above ingredients let the Kashyam ( decoction) simmer till the quantity of liquid is almost half – that is approx. 300ml

Turn off the heat,let the Kashyam cool a little bit and then filter it.

Step3: Final Cough Syrup Mix

Blend the Aloevera leaf Gel, Adulsa decoction and Doddapatra juice in a blender. Mix in the warm kashyam little by little , till the Aloe Vera gel has blended in well with the Kashyam. Once it has mixed well, reheat the mixture in a stainless steel vessel till it starts boiling. Turn off the flame as soon as the Aloe Kashyam mixture starts to boil and then let it cool.

To this add 150 ml of Baidyanath Kumari Asava and

200-300 ml of Honey

Mix well, transfer to a glass bottle and refrigerate.


Children 1-2 years: 2-4 tsps daily

Children 3-9 years : 4-6 tsps daily

Adults:Take about 1 tablespoon 3-4 times daily


Given below is a Photograph of Adathoda vasica, the herb that is one of the main ingredients in the cough syrup


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