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Prehealing Logo: The blossoming of White.

Every person in a family has a role to play. I am one of the technicians in the Prehealing Family. So when I started to work on the Prehealing website, I realized that I was artistically compromised !

Well, I did try making a few logos for our community, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not accept my own designs.

This beautiful logo is Priyas creation, and whilst I cannot create such a beauty, I can as a philosophically inclined technician, come up with reasons as to why this symbol truly represents us.

Back then, on the day I received an email with a simple yet beautiful image, my gut feel on looking at this ‘to be logo’ was "Yes this is perfect". It took me quite some time to answer the question 'Why?'

Here are my reasons as to why this Logo resonates with our Prehealing philosophy of 'Vasudhaiva kutumbakam'

1. Divided we look, United we are: |This is our Prehealing family|

2. When your core is pure, your life is vibrant: | When our intentions are pure and selfless, health, happiness and vibrancy will be our constant companions.|

3. Simplicity at the core, colours and beauty at the periphery:

|We don’t need to do show off and attract attention, the simplicity of our approach is what makes Prehealing movement truly unique and beautiful.|

4. Simplicity is beyond complexity. That which appears just white is in fact the most colourful of all objects. It holds within itself all the colours and yet does not brag about it:

| When we implement lessons that we have learnt from Nature, others might call it unscientific or our irrational beliefs. But, we have to remember that all that we are today is natures implementation of the highest technology, most of which we have not yet figured out ! |

5. As purity unfolds, you experience vibrancy.

6. At its core, mastery is simplicity. At its periphery simplicity is vibrancy.


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