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Holy Cow ! Could I’ve been programmed by Milk?

“What is this demonstration about ?“ The journalist asked a woman who was a part of a group of protestors. The woman had a blank look on her face.

When prodded again she said “I don’t know, I am just supporting my people. I have been asked to come for this demonstration and here I am extending support…”

Time and again we see this happening in many places across the world. The masses, protesting, rioting, fighting, killing…..

What has happened to our ability to think? Why is it that when we become a part of the herd some of us act in ways we wouldn’t act otherwise? Why is it that a group of a few thousand protestors could make a sane person do stupid things, a kind person perpetrate acts of cruelty……?

Could Milk be the Antidemocratic food supplement. Could it also play a part in us losing our ability to exercise our free will ?

There is a lot we need to understand about the functions of milk and one function that hasn’t been researched on is pertaining to the ability of milk to pass on species specific traits and tendencies. Could cows milk then, program humans to find comfort in being a part of the herd?

Why wait? Why not hypothesize, based on the evidence that is in front of our eyes…

Prehealing Hypothesis:

The herd tendency helps certain mammals survive in wild by forming groups and sticking together as a unit.

To be a part of the herd, most of the members have to forgo their instinct to think freely and have to learn to follow the herd leader. This is critical for survival in the wild. Stay alone and get killed.

If milk does pass on that trait to humans, could we too loose our freewill and start following our herd blindly?

Current Scenario: The mob mentality has gripped our society. We have stopped thinking and have become hypersensitive to the smallest of threats. Acts of arson, rioting, demonstrations and protests are on the rise. Many seek comfort in being a part of a group. There is so much of insecurity and fear around, something that makes us want to huddle closer together and look up to a leader for a solution. The herd tendency is crippling our society. Fears are amplified as it keeps the herd together and empowers those few who are born to lead the herds. It is their voice that the masses echo. The minority leads the majority.

Could the ability of milk to pass on traits and re-program tendencies explain the exaggerated herd behaviour in humans?

Thats all for today folks. What Moooo can I say :)

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