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Education for Life...

When my teacher used to say " Education is for life and not for living ", I barely understood the profoundness of the saying. As I went out in the world, worked with others and saw as to how mechanical the act of earning could be, the things educated people could do, the acts they would engage in and the extent they could go to just to get an edge over the other person - I realized the need to understand what it meant to be educated and its application in day to day life.

Modern Education has lost its focus. Sharing and caring is something we have long forgotten. Fight for survival is what we believe in, when in fact there is no reason for us to fight. There is plenty for everyone and we all know it. But, right now, do all the people who inhabit this planet have what they need- Peace, love , happiness, sufficient food, clothing and shelter- a planet worth living on, a life worth looking forward to ? If not, aren’t there a few of us hoarding as much as we can when there are so many who are struggling to earn even a decent square meal a day ?.

The PreHealing way is unique. We do not indulge in the easy habit of finger pointing. “ You know Das, my neighbor has tons of cash stashed away and that politician, he has access to billions of dollars. If only these guys would share ......” Well the question I would want to ask is ‘ Why can’t we? Why can’t we share the little we have and do whatever is in our hands? '

It is true that the majority of us do not have access to millions and billions, but it is us - the majority who make millionaires and billionaires. It is us millions of ordinary people who make the Corporates, the business owners, the politicians, the actors, artists and the leaders wealthy. Most of us want a life that is easy and do not want to take risks questioning, risks challenging and most importantly risks ‘ Doing’ the right things. Since we constitute the majority, the world is in a mess because of all of us. It is in a mess because of our approach and the way we choose to lead our life

The PreHealing approach would be to ' DO ' rather than to blame and wait for someone else to take the initiative. We make the change rather than blame others who have actually been elected by us, sponsored by us.... in short are our creations - so that we can use them as punching bags. We create a community of like minded people. Within this protective cocoon of ours we try to find answers to those issues that we are concerned about. If there are no pressing issues at the moment, we look around and find ways and means to enhance the quality of our lives as well as lives of those around us. Most importantly we ensure that we believe in the unity of mankind and do the best we can to live and let live.

Rising above yours and mine, rising above religions, rising above ethnicity, forgetting the boundaries of nations that separate us and ensuring that we work towards uniting the millions is a good way to start using our Education. If this Education can be used for making our planet a better place for all of us as well as for the future generations then it is definitely - Education for Life...

We will discuss about Holistic Education vs Modern Education in another post


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