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Purva-Tapa and Pre-Healing

One of the greatest battles ever fought was about to begin. The armies on both the sides were ready, waiting for a sign so that they could hurl themselves on to each other. This war was being fought between members of the same clan. They were all related and many had to make a painful choice of picking one side versus the other. In fact most weren't even enemies . A war that was being fought because those who were in power turned a blind eye to the festering hatred, ego issues, greed, jealousy and the unethical practices of their close kith and kin who abused the power that they had access to..

This was a unique war.

The war had not even begun, but Arjuna had already visualized the end of the war. He saw the battlefield strewn with bodies of his beloved relatives. No longer did victory mean much to him. He did see himself victorious, but now with all the blood of his near and dear ones on his hands, it really did not matter. He shared this vision with Krishna, his best friend, his consultant , his charioteer and his Lord. Instead of being irritated by this seemingly cowardly act of his, Sri Krishna shared with Arjuna the ultimate knowledge of creation- The Bhagwad Gita. Armed with the knowledge of truth and having cleared all his doubts , Arjuna fought valiantly and won the war.

And yes Yudhisthira too did consult Krishna. However he did it after the war. With a heavy heart, he approached his beloved lord and expressed his sorrow at having to kill his own kith and kin. He went on and on and all that Krishna did was to lend him a shoulder to cry upon.

Arjuna followed the path of PurvaTapa. He was a dreamer. Using the power of dreaming or virtualization he created a virtualized instance of the war. In this virtual creation of his, he won the war. Post the virtual victory, he experienced the after effects of war. His virtualized instance of the war was so realistic that he began to mourn the death of his near and dear ones. Having experienced a state of sorrow even before an occasion arose, Arjuna raised pertinent questions and Sri Krishna not only answered the questions but blessed him with a divine vision that revealed to him the nature of creation. Post this vision Arjuna was healed. He made a choice, fought the war and was unaffected by the results.

Yudhisthira on the other hand was not a dreamer. He knew fully well that this war was a necessity and could not be averted. He did not waste his time before the war asking stupid questions to Sri Krishna. However the devastating effects of the war did affect him. Post war , he approached Krishna for solace. Why then was the Bhagwad Gita not given to Yudhisthira too? Why then was Yudhisthira not blessed with the divine vision that could clear up all his sorrows and empower him with the truth?

Purva Tapa is the key. Arjuna experienced the results of his decision even before they materialized in his real world. He used the power of virtualization to create and experience a reality that would soon be his. He lived in the reality albeit virtually. When the reality appeared dark, selfish and worthless he questioned his very act and did something that no warrior in the heat of war would imagine doing. He put down his weapons and turned to his guide, his guru for advice. Post war he never regretted his decision.

Paschya Tapa was what Yudhisthira indulged in. Whilst he was confident that he had taken the right decision and had fought the war valiantly he was submerged in sadness post war. However there is nothing much you can do after you have already committed an act. There was no way he could restore all the ones he had killed back to life. Krishna like all the spiritual masters discouraged PaschyaTapa.

Every disease leads to Tapa or regret. If it is Paschyatapic in origin then there is nothing much you can do. The damage is done and you have to face the consequences of the disease. Post disease healing would surely help but the damage has already been done. However if the disease is PurvaTapic in origin; a virtualized instance of reality with a disease that hasn't even expressed itself then you have ways and means to change your life so that you can avert the disaster.

Pre Healing is about Inner Transformation to ensure that the Body, Mind as well as the Spirit are healthy and fit. It is about using IT for IT; using Information Technology for Inner Transformation. The list of sciences that we have access to, to facilitate prehealing is endless. Yoga, Pranayama, Dietetics and Nutrition, Meditations, Religious philosophy... the list goes on and on.

IT for IT is the key here. Pre Healing can be used at any stage of a disease. Even if a disease has manifested in your reality it makes sense to use the techniques of Prehealing to prevent further damage as well as to remove the root cause of the disease. Yes Pre Healing can be used to cure diseases. CURE ? Yes CURE just about any disease. Cancer, AIDS, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Depression, Parkinsons, ADHD, ........ Yes you can heal any of your own diseases provided you are ready to remove the root causes that help maintain the disease.

Yes you can do it.

IT is the Key :)


Meanings of certain words that have been used in this post.

  • PaschyaTapa : Regret ( Regretting an act after it has been committed)

  • PurvaTapa: Regret the consequences of an act even before it has been committed

  • Virtualization / Virtual Instance: A term most IT Professionals are familiar with. By the power of virtualization you can create multiple instances of seemingly real yet virtual computers / machines that are hosted on one REAL machine. To put it in layman terms, its what happens when you dream. You create a virtual instance of yourself, go places, indulge in various activities whilst you are verily asleep :)


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