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The Backup Plan.

2nd Feb 2012. It was 10:20 pm. Sangeeta my better half, was almost done with putting our two little ones, Aum and Sri to sleep. Whilst Aum and Sri were peacefully tucked in bed, little did they know about the ordeal their mother would be going through.

In no less than an hours time we were at the hospital. I parked the car at the entrance, asked Sangeeta to wait inside so that I could report her arrival and get her admitted. I was greeted by a nurse from behind closed grille doors. On being told that we had arrived for the delivery, she rushed off inside. Assuming that she was off to get the keys, I waited and waited and waited. "Whats taking you so long" I heard Sangeeta call from inside the car. Jolted awake from my reverie I rattled the lock once more, calling for assistance. I saw the nurse approaching me and heaved a sigh of relief. But No. She did not open the grille doors. Instead she politely told me that they weren't accepting any patients that day.

My reaction was that of disbelief.

"WHAT ?" I retorted. It was more like a knee jerk reaction.

"My wife has had all her tests done here. She has been enrolled in this hospital and has been regularly following up with the doctor here from the past 7 months. Her water broke a couple of hours ago - we have absolutely no time to waste. How can I wait? We are already late. She might deliver any moment."

It was then another senior nurse appeared on the scene. She explained to me that the doctor on duty was very ill, another doctor had left unexpectedly and the third one had just left for home and was not reachable. She requested me to take Sangeeta to another hospital as they were in no position to help.

I could sense their helplessness. Right now there were only two options available, either take Sangeeta to another hospital or... er execute our backup plan.

Backup Plan ?

Well, it was almost three months prior to this day that a crazy thought crept into my mind, post my morning meditation. "I have been practicing on application of Prehealing in all walks of life for such a long long time , how do I factor in a possibility of the doctor not being available on the day of delivery, or a nationwide curfew or... something equally bizarre and unthinkable; even though it is the remotest thing that can happen. How do I ensure that everything goes on well no matter what." I discussed this with my wife and she too agreed. So we did some research, got a home delivery kit through one of our contacts and started gathering information on the forgotten art of Home Deliveries. Keeping in line with our Ayurvedic tradition Sangeeta modified her lifestyle to ensure that she could if need be deliver the baby at home. I also shared this backup plan with one of my friends who is a heart specialist and asked her if she could help .. just in case. It was agreed upon by us that we would do this ONLY if the need arose- If there was absolutely no other choice....... All this had transpired about three months ago and now in this moment, it was as if the rarest of the rare possibilities was staring me in the face. The 0.01 % possibility had suddenly become 100% reality.

I walked back to the car. Sangeeta sensed something was amiss. However when I shared this news with her, to my amazement she wasn't even perturbed.

"I am ready" she said. "Lets hurry back home. I dont think we can make it to another hospital. Come on cheer up. This is what we were supposed to be prepared for. We can do it. Don’t worry"

From then on everything went in a flurry. It was almost 12:00 am in the morning. A new day had begun and as I was heading back home I called up my friend Dr Reeta. Doctor Reeta in turn called one of her close friends who happens to be a Gynecologist. Dr Saravanan had not only retired for the day but was also at the other end of Bangalore. Ordinarily it would take not less than an hour and a half to reach our house. " Just come Saravanan, Das has got everything in place at home. Please rush. I will manage in the meantime".

Rush he did and was almost near our house in about 40 minutes.

In the meanwhile we readied a room in our house. As Doctor Saravanan rushed into the room, everything was in place. Vedic Hymns were being played, Dr Reeta had prepared the makeshift delivery bed and Sangeeta had positioned herself on the bed to make herself feel as comfortable as she possibly could in this once in a lifetime situation. The first thing Dr Saravanan wanted to take a look at was the home delivery kit. He looked at it. Everything he wanted was there.

At 1:08 am on the 3rd of Feb 2012 Sangeeta delivered a healthy baby boy. Thanks to a crazy idea everything went on well. The backup plan had in fact not only saved us , but it had also given Ved a chance to be born in the warmth of his own home with all family members being there to welcome him.

In about an hours time, Sangeeta and Ved were with Aum and Sri. I still remember the look on Aums face as he saw a new baby brother next to mom. He had been told that Mom would be away for a couple of days since babies were always delivered in hospitals. He was pleasantly surprised to find Mom with his new baby right next to him.

"When did he come Mom ?", he asked. Sangeeta smiled and said. “Your favourite lord Ganesha gifted him to us early in the morning.”

Aum’s eyes twinkled as he remarked “He is so cute Mom. Looks like Ganesha changed his mind and delivered him home instead, right ? So that we don’t have to go and pick up the baby from the hospital :-) ”

Our home delivered baby turned 5 year old this month and is doing great.

Fast forward to today – Feb 9, 2017.

Why would I want to start my blog reminiscing about this freak incident ?

The reason being that many of the incidents that matter the most in our life are freak incidents. If only we are able to pre-empt and prepare for these incidents then we can ensure that we will never be caught off guard. Look back into your own life and you will have more than a handful of unplanned freak incidents that have given a special flavor to your life – for better or for worse. Most often when you are prepared for such an incident – the rarest of the rare possibilities, it does add value to your life even when it does manifest.

I am so happy that nature conspired to teach us a lesson of our lifetime. I know that there were risks, but we all are walking on a very thin line. Our existence itself is as mysterious as the managers who manage a complex body made of 100 trillion living organisms without even having an inkling of an idea as to how we do it !!!

This unforeseen incident gave us an opportunity to experience life as it would be in nature. Neither were painkillers used , nor was the environment fully sterile. All that was there for the delivery was the kit that had a gauze, disposable gloves, a pair of scissors and clean ties apart from a compartment to hold warm water and a bottle of antiseptic solution. I know this wasn't exactly the way it happens in nature- but we were almost there J!!!

Sangeeta confided in me saying that this was the best delivery ever. After the delivery she was enveloped in a feeling of warmth and bliss, unlike that she had experienced when she had delivered Aum and Sri in a maternity ward. A wave of pulsating bliss swept through her body as she hugged the baby immediately post delivery. All she could keep muttering with tears of joy in her eyes was "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You………..”

She continued thanking everyone around her for the next 15 minutes or so trying her best to share with the delivery team feelings of Joy, bliss , motherliness and gratitude that nature suffused her with. It appeared as if each of her 100 trillion cells celebrated the moment and all that this manager could do was to attempt to share their gratitude and happiness with everyone around.

On the other hand, Ved was our only baby who did not get Juvenile Jaundice. He has been a very healthy by product of this freak accident !!!

This incident reinforced my faith in the saying

'Some of Gods best gift to man are unanswered prayers'

I hope I turn out to be an unexpected gift in your life. I will do the best I can to share with my audience the sacred science of Pre-Healing. I cannot tell you as to what I would be posting next since I too am not aware. It might be an excerpt from my book or might be another stray thought that would lead to a post like this one. Nevertheless , I will try my best to make sure that it is a worthwhile read.

Accidentally Yours :)

Love and Regards



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