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Acutely medicinal- From Root to Shoot: Sida acuta

This is a wonderful herb that we will never have a shortage of. In fact it grows so readily that many consider it to be an invasive weed. However, before you decide to weed this one out do consider its benefits. Every part of this plant from root to the shoot is useful.

Scientific Name: Sida acuta | English: Broom weed| Sanskrit: Bala| Hindi: Kareta, Kharenti| Bengali: Kureta | Tamil: Arivaaalmanai pachilai, Malaidangi | Marathi: Chikana | Telugu: Nelabenda | Kannada: Vishakaddi | Malayalam: Malatanni | Nepali: Ankhle jhaar

Parts used: Entire plant.

Medicinal uses: Anti-Rheumatism, Antipyretic (Reduces fever), Diaphortic ( Increases sweating), Antiplasmodial- For treating Malaria, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Treats infections such as Heat boils and skin eruptions, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, For healing wounds and ulcers, For Skin diseases, Dandruff, Anti rheumatic, Analgesic, Antidiabetic, Cardioprotective ( Heart tonic), Addresses root cause of Hypertension, Kidney tonic, Diuretic ( Facilitates urine formation), Nervine tonic, For treating Asthma, Anthelmintic- expel worms, emollient (softens stools), For Hemorrhoids, Hepatoprotective, Improves appetite, Helps treat oedema.

  1. The entire plant can be used for making herbal tea. Besides being very effective against fever, body aches, arthritic and rheumatic afflictions, this tea would also help with improving digestion by facilitating detox ( Since it is an excellent liver tonic as well)

  2. A warm poultice prepared with fresh leaves and shoots macerated with some castor oil, is applied to soften abscesses, boils and to help drain the pus.

  3. Roots are an excellent Nervine tonic. Herbal tea made with 1 teaspoonful of the root powder boiled in 300 ml of water and reduced to about half the quantity ( by boiling)

  4. To reduce fever: You can one teaspoon of Sida acuta plant powder while making Onion tea.

  5. For Rheumatic ailments however, you can use a 1-2 tablespoons of fresh herb added along with other herbs while making Onion tea.

Disclaimer: For the untrained eye, many plants appear similar. Do not attempt to harvest and use herbs until and unless you are familiar with herb identification and usage.

If you want to use any of the herbs mentioned on these blogs, please do so under the guidance of a doctor or a holistic practitioner. You can also write to us at for usage information specific to your issue.


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