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Tridax procumbens: To Arrest Bleeding Try Dax…

As long as you dont know its uses, you might consider it a noxious weed. Your outlook will change once you get to know its benefits..

Tridax procumbens is a wonderful herb that will help you address cuts, nicks, wounds, boils and sores. This is a herb you should look out for as and when you are going trekking and are not carrying a first aid kit.

Can be used for : Dressing up fresh wounds, Arresting bleeding, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Malaria, Gastric upset and Heartburn, Ulcers, Diarrhoea, Respiratory infections, Cough, Jaundice, Protects Liver ( Anti-hepatotoxic), Hair Loss, For Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes and also an insect repellent.

Preliminary research shows that this herb might also help fight cancer.

Disclaimer: For the untrained eye, many plants appear similar. Do not attempt to harvest and use herbs until and unless you are familiar with herb identification and usage.

If you want to use any of the herbs mentioned on these blogs, please do so under the guidance of a doctor or a holistic practitioner. You can also write to us at for usage information specific to your issue.

Scientific Name: Tridax procumbens | English: Tridax Daisy | Sanskrit: Jayanti veda | Hindi: Khal-Muriya, Akal Kohadi | Bengali: Tridhara | Tamil: Seruppadithalai | Marathi: Ek Dandi, Kambarmodi | Telugu: Gaddichamanthi| Kannada: Jayanthi | Malayalam: Thelkuthi |

Traditional Uses:

1. The leaves are crushed and the paste / juice is applied to help arrest bleeding due to cuts and nicks. When treated this way, the wounds heal faster and do not get infected since Tridax has antimicrobial properties and helps protect the wound from getting infected.

2. A strong decoction of the leaves can be used to wash infected wounds. The juice can also be applied regularly to heal fungal infections.

3. Leaf powder is used to treat Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia ( elevated lipids).

4. Decoction of the leaves is used to treat stomach infections, intestinal bleeding, ulcers and also liver related complaints.


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