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Nyctanthes arbor-tristis: A tongue twisting Healer !

A decoction of the leaves if taken twice a week will help protect from infections. A must have herb especially when you have an epidemic doing the rounds.

Medicinal uses: Alopecia, Autoimmune disorders, Arthritis, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Antifungal, Eczema, Psoriasis, Ringworm and Fungal infections, Hepatoprotective and a Liver tonic.

Scientific Name: Nyctanthus arbor-tristis | English: Coral Jasmine| Sanskrit: Parijat| Hindi: Harsingar, Parijat | Bengali: Shefali | Tamil: Pavazhamalli, Manjatpu | Marathi: Parijatak | Telugu: Parijatamu | Kannada: Parijatha, Prajakta | Malayalam: Parijatukam | Nepali: Parijata, Paghala

Traditional uses:

1. Decoction of the leaves can be taken when during winters to ensure protection from viruses and infectious organisms that could cause cold, cough and fevers.

2. Fresh juice of the leaves 1-3 tsp can be taken for inflammatory disorders like Arthritis, Sciatica pains, painful joints etc

3. The fresh seeds are ground to a fine paste and applied on the afflicted area of a patient suffering from Alopecia.

4. Decoction of the leaves as well as the juice of the leaves is also a remedy for Intestinal worms, fatty liver, gastrointestinal tract infections and piles.

5. For Asthma and Cough: 2-3 gms of Leaf powder is taken along with a tablespoon of betel leaf juice.

6. Bark paste is applied for skin afflictions like ringworm, eczema

7. A couple of flowers can be added to herbal tea to impart colour, flavour as well as to infuse the tea with its antibiotic, antixoidant and protective properties

Disclaimer: For the untrained eye, many plants appear similar. Do not attempt to harvest and use herbs until and unless you are familiar with herb identification and usage.

If you want to use any of the herbs mentioned on these blogs, please do so under the guidance of a doctor or a holistic practitioner. You can also write to us at for usage information specific to your issue.


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