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When Indra Kills the Cow

"Get out " said the Brahmin as he chased the hapless cow with a stick in his hand. " This is the last time this wretch is going to ruin my garden" he thought to himself. Whack ; He struck her yet once again. The cow ran faster now, her eyes glazed with fear. It was then that misfortune struck.

The cow tried to jump across the fencing. Her attempt landed her right in the middle of the fence on a sharp stump of an Acacia tree. The stump pierced her heart and killed her instantly.

In ancient India it was a sin to kill a cow as it was considered sacred. The Brahmin was summoned to the kings court.

" Are you the Brahmin who killed a cow" asked the King. The Brahmin was prepared for this question. Feigning reverence for the King, who never tolerated falsehood, the Brahmin said " O mighty king, there is nothing I do on my own. As you are aware, all the sense organs of man are controlled by Lord Indra; the God of senses. It was he who has killed the cow. I am but an instrument through which he carried out this act. Please do not punish me for something that I have no control over…"

It worked.

The King thought for some time and agreed with the Brahmin's point of view, the court adjourned, the Brahmin went back to work in the royal gardens.

It was sometime in the evening that the Brahmin saw the King entering the garden with his favorite minister. Noticing the Brahmin the king remarked " This place is so beautiful, its like heaven. Who maintains these gardens?". With great humility the Brahmin said " O King, I am the gardener and I look after these gardens"

" Oh so you mange the gardens. Well, but who is it who has made this beautiful pond here asked the king.

" I have made this pond , O king…"

"And this patch of grass to rest upon ?"

"This too was made by me, O King"

The king seemed amazed. " You maintain these gardens single handedly, you have made this exquisite pond surrounded by this cool green patch of grass… O gardener , you seem to be an all rounder. I would like to know more about your contributions to the Royal garden. I am really amazed! "

The gardener couldn’t believe his ears. He had to make use of this opportunity and he was not going to let go of this one.

" O Beloved king, all of what you see here has been done by me. There is the patch of rare fragrant flowers found only in this garden and I have taken the pains to procure these flowers from distant lands so that your highness could enjoy their beauty and fragrance. I am also very good at carving. I do it in my spare time and the idols of those dancing damsels that adorn the pool have also been made by me. And yes, the hammock that is cradled in between the two majestic Margosa trees have been woven by me too….."

The king smiled and sighed a sigh of relief " You saved me the trip to heaven" he said.

He looked to his guards and told them to arrest the gardener.

" O King. I know you hate when people lie. I know that you punish only liars. I swear that I haven't lied. Please check the records. I have told you about the things that I have personally done for this garden of mine- of yours. "

It was then the King asked " You did all this and it was Indra who killed the cow ?"

What does this story have to do with us ?

How many times do we blame somebody else, something else and everything but us for all the problems we have in our life. That crazy driver, that stupid servant, my husband, if not for my wife.. Cribbing, blame shifting, being sad,sorry, depressed .. All these are ways and means of making ourselves helpless victims. We have excuses for all our failures, but when it comes to our achievements we are just like the Brahmin.

Aren't our Dis-Eases the biggest failures in our lives?

Dis-eased body, diseased relationships, diseased work environment, dis-eased thinking….... And then, we blame, blame and blame. It is because of the stress, our work, our surroundings, the polluted environment, our politicians, corruption… the list goes on and on.

Right now we can chose to be Disease free.

Well if you are able to keep control over the DIS then you will always be at Ease

D- Control the DIET ( There are 5 types of Diets : one diet each for each of the sense organs )

I- Control your Intellect ( So that it is able to use advanced logic rather than what seems obvious). In this age of Information technology, most of us have been poisoned with too much information, so much so that we don’t know as to what needs to be done and are as helpless as those whom we call ignorant.

S- Control your Stress ( Stress is due to Fear and uncertainty of the outcome)

Is all this as easy as it sounds. Yes it is . I will surely touch upon all these points later on , but for now...

I CHOOSE to stop blaming Indra. I will preheal every dis-ease even before it manifests in my reality, and for those that have already manifested, I will preheal the root cause, and the symptom is sure to disappear.


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