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Vinca rosea: Nature’s surgeon

Leaf paste is applied externally for healing heat boils.

Scientific Name: Vinca rosea | English: Periwinkle | Sanskrit: Sadapushpa | Tamil: Nityakalyani | Marathi: Sadafuli| Telugu: Billaganneru | Kannada: Sadapushpa | Hindi: Sadabahar, Sadasuhagi|

Uses: Insect stings, Painful boils and inflammations, Hypertension, Diabetes and a Source of Anticancer compounds like Vincristine and Vinblastine

Please Note: Applied externally, this herb is an excellent remedy to heal heat boils. Vinca rosea helps pull out pus and drain the contents of painful heat boils. Even boils that have been persistent, don’t seem to have an opening and would otherwise need to be surgically operated upon, have responded to this herb

For taking internally, do so only under the guidance of your doctor.

Prehealing Uses:

1. We use a poultice made from the leaves for helping pull out pus from painful boils.

2. Paste of the leaves is also rubbed on bee and insect stings so as to give immediate relief.

3. When used internally these leaves have to be used with caution. We use just 3-5 leaves and 3-5 flowers along with leaves of Parijataka for making a decoction to help diabetics and those suffering from hypertension.

4. Juice made with Bittergourd, Ginger, Neem leaves and Vinca rosea (2-3 leaves only) if taken regularly can help address diabetes as well as hypertension.



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