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Solanum nigrum: The Anti-Ulcer herb

Scientific Name: Solanum nigrum | English: America black nightshade | Sanskrit: Kakamaci, Bahuphala, Bahutikta | Hindi: Chirpoti | Tamil: Manatakali | Marathi: Kaamoni, Chirputli

| Telugu: Kaakamaachi | Kannada: Kaagehannina gida | Malayalam: Karimtakkali

Medicinal Uses: Good for mouth ulcers, Tooth ache, Bleeding gums, Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Antidiabetic,

Traditional uses:

  1. The black ripe berries are rich in anthocyanins and other antioxidants. They help ease breathing and hence are also beneficial for Asthma patients. ( It is to be noted that only the ripe berries can be eaten, it is not advisable to consume green berries raw)

  2. The leaves are used to make a curry and have an excellent nutritive value.

  3. Juice of the leaves can be used to rinse the mouth and helps heal oral ulcers. Alternatively the leaves can be well cooked, fried in butter and made into a paste that can be applied on to the ulcer to facilitate healing.

  4. Decoction of the leaves can also be used for rinsing the mouth. This decoction fights tooth decay and protects teeth and gums from infectious organisms.

Disclaimer: For the untrained eye, many plants appear similar. Do not attempt to harvest and use herbs until and unless you are familiar with herb identification and usage.

If you want to use any of the herbs mentioned on these blogs, please do so under the guidance of a doctor or a holistic practitioner. You can also write to us at for usage information specific to your issue.


Indian Materia Medica by Dr A M Nadkarni

Protective effects of aqueous extract of Solanum nigrum Linn. leaves in rat models of oral mucositis

Antiulcerogenic and ulcer healing effects of Solanum nigrum (L.) on experimental ulcer models: Possible mechanism for the inhibition of acid formation


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